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Car Wash Systems


Hybrid Washing Process

PECO's Hybrid systems combine the best of soft cloth wash technology with high pressure wash components to guarantee an exceptionally clean vehicle. With this combination, even the hard to reach areas of the vehicle are covered in the wash process. The first step in the process for hybrid washing is a presoak application with dwell time. The second step is a high pressure application common in all our touch-free systems. The presoak and high pressure removes all heavy solids prior to entering the third step, the soft cloth area of the wash. This step of the Soft-n-Foamy hybrid system gently washes the vehicle with friction and soapy water for the final cleaning process. The results are less prep labor required to clean the vehicle and less dirt and stress on the cloth components for longer service life.

Friction Washing Process

Designed specifically for the car wash professional, this system incorporates the features that all friction car washes demand for complete cleaning. Soft cloth or Foam washing uses friction equipment along with soapy water to achieve a clean safe washing process. PECO offers two type of friction material, Traditional Soft Cloth (EverClean) or Close Cell Foam (Soft-Flex Foam) to wash the vehicle.

Touch-Free Washing Process

PECO's Trident systems are 100% touch-free systems that deliver unrivaled cleanliness and safety. The first step in the touch-free washing process is a two stage presoak application and dwell time. The second step uses ultra high pressure wash nozzles on various components to achieve superior cleaning. Using only water and solvents, Trident Systems provide impressively clean cars without the use of friction. If it's clean you need and dependability you require in a touch-free car wash system, Trident is the perfect choice.

Express Polishing Tunnel

A "Truly Innovative" way to excite your customers and your bottom line! This online conveyorized polishing tunnel promotes increased extra service throughput. Moreover, it creates visual stimulation for your customers and enhances their perceived and realized value.

Drive-Thru Washing Process

Designed specifically for Fleet applications, these drive-thru systems are ideal for use in Auto Dealers, Rental Car Companies, and other fleet car applications. The drive-thru tunnel is simply the most effective way to wash a large number of vehicles on a regular basis. FleetWash Xpress systems handle vehicles up to a height of 90 inches. These systems are activated by a porter/driver that pushes a start button, then proceeds through the wash package on the vehicles own power. FleetWash Xpress 35D include longer guide rail and dryer system.