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Engineering & Support

You wouldn’t think it takes technology to wash cars, but it’s technology that allows us to wash more cars faster, better and more cost effectively. From digital flow analysis to computer-aided design and manufacturing, PECO engineers our work day in and day out to bring you the most advanced car wash systems in the world. We use state-of-the-art equipment in our complete manufacturing process and we begin with computer-aided design to produce a wash system that is fully integrated with modern electronics and control equipment. We then render these designs to make sure all of the equipment will function flawlessly together. Finally, we manufacture a prototype and install it into a test facility to insure its operation is seamless. When our engineers are satisfied, we bring an industry leading professional-grade car wash system to the market. 

Not only do our engineers use the most advanced tools in the industry, they have the most advanced car wash knowledge as well! With over 50 years of car wash manufacturing experience, PECO strives to perfect the automated car wash system. Our use of technology doesn’t end in engineering—we stay ahead of our competition by using technology in every facet of our business. From computer-controlled ordering processes to internet applications, PECO is ready to service our customers well into the future.

Parts Express

PECO supports its equipment with a complete line of replacement parts, which are on the shelf for immediate delivery. Your parts order is processed the day it is received and shipped at your request—we even overnight if necessary! The PECO website is designed to let you order parts at your convenience and all website orders are given the same top priority as those called into our customer service department.

PECO service personnel are trained to assist you with car wash related issues in a prompt and courteous manner. This, coupled with immediate replacement parts order processing, makes the PECO Parts Express a different and better experience than what our competition offers.