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The PECO Polish TunnelTM is a ground breaking new innovation developed by PECO, in conjunction with our Distributor in Holland. This separate tunnel is designed to buff in a spray wax after the vehicle has gone through the wash tunnel. The result is an amazing shine that adds value to the consumer and a significant new profit center for your car wash.

With over a dozen polish tunnel installations in Holland and Belgium, PECO has become the leader of this exciting new evolution in car washing. 

In principal, the concept is simple: once a vehicle has gone through the wash tunnel with a special wax package, it is dried and a spray wax is applied at the polish tunnel. The vehicle then goes through the conveyorized polishing tunnel that is outfitted with specially designed polish cloth. While simple in theory, we have spent three years in the development process, designing several revisions to make sure these tunnels produce consistently shiny cars.

Contact us today to find out more about the polishing tunnel. As the innovator and leader of polishing tunnels, we would love to talk to you about this exciting new way to add significant profit to your bottom line.

PECO 70-Polish

PECO's 70-Polish Conveyorized Polishing Tunnel Wax, Seal, & Polish up to 50 cars per hour in a 70' conveyorized system.
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