1. Investors
  2. Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start?

Design & Build a Tunnel Car Wash
A Step-by-Step Procedure

    Understand that this type of project can start out at nearly one million dollars and go up from there—contact and connect a quality equipment manufacturer or dealer to get an estimate for your project, outline the scope of work and get started.

  • 2LOCATE 
    Find a location with the following characteristics: high traffic volume, retail and shopping near by, an average speed limit of 45 mph or less, little or no direct competition in the area. Also consider performing a site study.

  • 3VERIFY 
    Check zoning, verify utilities and make sure sewer is available.

  • 4BUDGET 
    Establish a budget from personal finances, lending sources, etc.

  • 5SCOPE 
    Survey property and get soil borings, environmental reports, etc.

  • 6DRAFT 
    Begin drafting architectural design drawings.

  • 7REVISE 
    Update and complete your civil drawings.

  • 8PLAN 
    Contract with an equipment supplier who will help with site planning and assist you at city meetings.

    Submit your site plan for approval.

    Complete your architectural design drawings, in alignment with the approved plan.

  • 19APPLY 
    Apply for building permits.

    Disperse for subcontractor cost proposals and finalize construction costs.

  • 13PREP 
    Excavate your space for footings and foundation.

  • 14BUILD 
    Conduct and oversee the building and site construction process.

  • 15INSTALL 
    Complete equipment installation.

  • 16INSPECT 
    Conduct a final inspection of your car wash space and experience.

  • 17OPEN 
    You should be all set to market and open your car wash for business!