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Founded in 1966, PECO utilizes our service-oriented background and high demand for quality items to provide the car wash industry with excellence. With over 50 years of experience and a worldwide dealer network, PECO has gained the global reputation for providing high-quality systems at a competitive price.

  • PECO Car Wash Systems began business as Pacesetter Equipment Company representing a major equipment supplier in the Michigan area. By dealing with a manufacturer as a distributor allowed first hand experience with how a manufacturer should service and treat their customers. PECO Car Wash Systems also serviced and installed car wash systems allowing the company to realize how equipment should be made to make installation, repair and performance better and easier.
  • PECO Car Wash Systems was first located in a small shop just outside of Detroit in Royal Oak, Michigan.
  • The original founders were Gilbert J. Rietsch, Sr. and Sam M. Sciturro who established a solid background launching an excellent business venture.

The company relocated to a larger facility in Troy, Michigan still servicing and distributing car wash equipment, re-enforcing their strong customer relations. PECO Car Wash Systems continued to build a reputation for quality and superior service.


PECO introduced the "PECO Light Bar." The PECO light bar was a big success with operators. These light bars were ETL approved with long-lasting, durability. As a result of this success, the light bar provided the beginning of customer confidence in a distinguished PECO product.


PECO purchased a local car wash to be used as a testing facility for the future PECO products. This car wash site is still used as a research and development facility.

  • Pacesetter Equipment Company officially became PECO Car Wash Systems, a name that would become a common word in the car wash industry.
  • PECO presented the patented conveyor, which remains second to none in the car wash industry today. Offering a heavy-duty, rugged design, which matched up to the PECO high quality standard.

PECO Car Wash Systems launched a full line of sidewashers. Encompassing the hub-cap rocker washer to the van high side washer. These side washers driven from the bottom eliminated the unsightly top mounted hydraulic motors. These sidewashers met with further approval from the car wash industry.


PECO successfully began establishing an international dealer network. By working hand in hand with dealers throughout the world, PECO keeps on the forefront of technology. Most importantly, PECO retains expert and knowledgeable dealers offering car wash operators personable and supurb service and experienced advice.


An additional 8,000 square feet of manufacturing space was added to the existing location in Troy, Michigan making the entire facility about 15,000 square feet.


Presented the upgrade option of stainless steel on the existing line of equipment. A meticulous design.

  • After much demand the popular Soft ‘N’ Foamy system made its debut! A hybrid system with the ability to be customized for each operators own specific demands. This system was a comprehensive line of equipment, each individual item meeting the highest quality demanded by PECO Car Wash Systems. PECO focused substantial attention to detail on each piece of equipment comprised in the system.
  • Engineered drawings processed for each PECO Soft ‘N’ Foamy system.
  • Introduction of a national sales director to promote the growing number of PECO dealers throughout the world.

Introduction of the popular curved tubular arch. This new, eye-pleasing contour quickly became a favorite in the car wash industry. This functional equipment presented a clean and simple design.


Established a factory representative based in Arizona to better represent the western states.


All stainless steel quality improved to a Brushed Finish #3 at no additional charge to buyers. This distinctive brushed finish appearance promoted the appearance of all stainless steel equipment. The round tubular arches became another notable PECO standard.


PECO moved to a larger facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan to meet the high demands for PECO equipment throughout the world. This new facility offers 55,000 square feet of space allowing PECO to continue to grow and meet customer needs.


Look to PECO Car Wash Systems to help build your future in the car wash industry. PECO is continually striving to fulfill the needs of its customers. Providing better products with technological improvements to make car washing more profitable and enjoyable for all those involved in such a high-paced, demanding industry.